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Regulator Max

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Product Description
  • MAX design reinforces key areas to dramatically increase stifness and durability
  • New Tilt Tech string hole design improves pocket placement for an improved ball release
  • Bottom designed for mid to high pocket placement for additional hold and shot power
  • Patent pending LOC-Throat eliminates head rattle and adds stability

MAX design: Reinforces key areas to dramatically increase stiffness and durability

Tilt Tech: New angles string shole design makes it easier to string sidewall laces tight and secure for improved hold and pocket consistency

LOC-Throat: As the screw inserts into the shaft, the legs of the LOC-Throat spread, providing both internal and external pressure for a more secure fit

Symrail: Symmetrical sidewall design - the inside of the sidewall mimics the outside, reducing weight without sacrifcing stiffness for perfect balance

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